LinkedIn Recruiter costs in 2024

The real costs of LinkedIn Recruiter explained. Is it still a good deal in 2024 and what are the alternatives ?

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LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform with over 1 billion users across more than 200 countries.

It began in 2008 when LinkedIn introduced LinkedIn Recruiter, a staffing solutions product offering premium features and services tailored to meet corporate staffing departments’ needs.

Today, LinkedIn Recruiter is a top choice for talent acquisition specialists to find and engage with candidates. However, the cost of LinkedIn Recruiter remains somewhat unclear. Here, we’ll break down the expenses of LinkedIn’s recruiter packages and evaluate if it’s a worthwhile investment.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter?

LinkedIn Recruiter is a premium service specifically designed for recruiters. It’s an enhanced version of a standard LinkedIn profile, providing access to a broader talent pool, contact information, and efficient recruitment process management.

The platform enables recruiters to search for candidates using Boolean search – a method that refines searches with specific keywords and operators. Recruiters can then send messages to candidates via InMails, allowing direct messaging without prior connections.

Benefits of LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter surpasses a regular LinkedIn profile in several ways:

  • Advanced Search Filters: Allows searching for candidates based on specific skills, location, education, industry, and more.
  • Direct Candidate Outreach: Send InMails and determine which candidates are free to message. Bulk messaging is also possible via the dashboard.
  • Pipeline Management: Segment messaging by adding candidates to a ‘project’ and receive alerts when candidates change jobs or get promoted.

LinkedIn Recruitment Packages

LinkedIn Recruiter is available in two packages:

Recruiter Lite

  • Network Access Visibility: Up to 3rd-degree connections
  • Search Filters: 20+ filters
  • Search Alerts: 10
  • InMail Messages: 30

Recruiter Corporate

The premium and most powerful version

  • Network Access Visibility: Full access to all profiles
  • Search Filters: All available filters
  • Search Alerts: 50
  • InMail Messages: 150
  • Additional features include collaboration tools, candidate pipeline management, and custom reporting.

LinkedIn Recruiter Pricing Factors

LinkedIn does not publicly disclose prices for its recruitment products. Instead, pricing is customized based on factors such as:

  • Number of Licenses: Discounts apply as more licenses are purchased.
  • Company Size and Industry: Larger companies and those in competitive industries may incur higher costs.
  • Location: Prices can vary by geographical region.

Estimated LinkedIn Recruiter Costs (April 2024)

Industry research suggests the following approximate costs:

  • Recruiter Lite: $170 per month for a single license; $270 per month per license for 2-5 licenses.
  • Recruiter Corporate: $12,960 per seat annually (approximately $1,080 monthly).

Additional Costs with LinkedIn Recruiter

  • InMails: Beyond the monthly allowance (150 for Corporate, 30 for Lite), additional InMails cost $10 each.
  • Job Posting: Posting a single job is free but limited in visibility. Promoted posts require a budget, influencing ranking and visibility. Alternatively, a contract model can be set up with LinkedIn talent solutions for a more tailored approach.

Is LinkedIn Recruiter Worth the Investment?

Typically, the answer would be no. However, LinkedIn’s dominance in the recruitment industry since its 2003 inception makes it almost indispensable for staying competitive. Investing in a LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate license and additional InMails can be crucial.

Alternatives to LinkedIn Recruiter

Several options exist for those seeking alternatives to LinkedIn Recruiter:

Free Options

  • Use Connections: Send 100 connection requests per week and message connected users for free.
  • Email-Finding Tools: Conduct a basic LinkedIn search, then use tools like Kaspr or Lusha to find email addresses.
  • Content Creation: Build your brand by posting relevant content, such as blogs, LinkedIn posts, and webinars, to attract candidates.

Job Boards

Platforms like Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor can attract active job seekers, often at a lower cost than LinkedIn Recruiter subscriptions.

Job boards offer expanded visibility and can be more cost-effective, though they may yield numerous irrelevant applications.

Job boards draw users actively seeking new opportunities, potentially streamlining your hiring process by reaching a pool of candidates ready to apply.

Compared to LinkedIn Recruiter, job boards might be more budget-friendly with tiered pricing structures suited to your needs.

Posting on relevant job boards can extend your company's reach beyond existing networks, attracting a wider range of talent.

However, job boards have their drawbacks:

  • They don’t offer the same access to candidate profiles.
  • You may receive thousands of applications from irrelevant candidates, making the filtering process time-consuming.
  • Up to 70% of the workforce comprises passive candidates who aren’t actively seeking new jobs, meaning relying solely on job boards could limit your talent pool to just 30%.

Kalent AI

The best alternative to LinkedIn Recruiter is Kalent, an AI-powered recruitment search engine that leverages advanced AI and natural language to pinpoint exactly who you’re looking for–all without needing to run a boolean search.

Here’s what makes Kalent standout:

‣ Natural Language Search: Move beyond traditional Boolean searches by simply describing your ideal candidate to the system. For example, say: "I am looking for a Product Manager in Paris with over 7 years of experience who has previously worked at Apple, Amazon, or Google." And just like that, your candidate shortlist is ready.

‣Advanced filters: Fine-tune your searches to perfection. Our platform allows you to filter candidates by job title, location, keywords, skills, and more.

‣ Profile’s enrichment Access detailed contact information such as emails and phone numbers, and connect with candidates directly — it's like combining the powers of LinkedIn and Lusha.

Multi-Channel Contact: Enhance your open rates and speed up your recruitment process with our multi-channel approach, integrating LinkedIn, email, and WhatsApp.

‣ Personalized Outreach: Kalent’s AI-driven email templates are designed to personalize your outreach and significantly increase response rates.

‣ ATS Integration: Seamlessly export candidates to your ATS with just one click, making your recruitment process smoother and more efficient.

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