What's Happening with LinkedIn X-ray Searches?

Discover how LinkedIn's update on X-ray searches is transforming recruitment strategies. Discover new tools and tactics for finding talent in 2024.


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LinkedIn's recent changes are shaking up the recruitment world 🌎. Let’s explore what’s going on and how it impacts your talent search strategies.

A Closer Look at LinkedIn's X-ray Search Adjustments 🕵️‍♂️

Why It Was a Go-To Method

The appeal of X-ray searches on LinkedIn was multifaceted.

  • Primarily, it allowed recruiters to sidestep the platform's opaque algorithm, which could be influenced by factors like search history, network connections, or even a user's location, offering unpredictable results.
  • This method provided direct access to profiles, including those well beyond one’s immediate network circle.
  • Most notably, it facilitated mass sourcing capabilities without requiring a paid account, representing a significant advantage for recruiters looking to maximize their reach and efficiency in candidate discovery.

These qualities made X-ray searches a valuable tool in the recruitment toolkit.

Understanding the Change

Xray search is undergoing significant restrictions. 🕵️‍♂️

LinkedIn's changes mean we can't peek into profiles as we used to. The "Experiences" and "Info" sections, which tell us about someone's job history and personal details, are not as open.

This is a big deal because finding the right candidates now takes more effort.

It's like looking for talent with a flashlight that doesn't shine as far as it used to.

Why LinkedIn Is Changing the Game 🎲

The Push Towards Paid Features 💸: LinkedIn's strategy appears geared towards driving recruiters towards its paid sourcing tools.

This transition aims at monetizing the recruitment process on the platform, significantly affecting those who relied on free X-ray search methods.

The Impact of Tightened Visibility 👀

LinkedIn's move to restrict visibility and possibly deindex profiles means a direct hit to the efficiency of X-ray searches.

The partial or total disappearance of profiles from external searches signals a shift towards more private or semi-private settings.

This shift demands creative thinking and adaptation. It's about finding new approaches and understanding the evolving landscape of LinkedIn searches 🧠.

The alternative to the end of LinkedIn xray searches : Kalent AI

With the phase-out of LinkedIn X-ray searches, Kalent emerges as a robust alternative for recruiters, offering:

  • Hyper-qualified talent sourcing: Upload your job offer and get hyper-qualified talents, just the best, in front of you in three clicks. Use more than 30 filters to resize your search.
  • AI Matching: Quickly pinpoints the top of the basket with a scoring based on your job offer requirements, eliminating the need to sift through hundreds of profiles.
  • Comprehensive Profile Cards: Access all the information needed to recruit, including professional and personal emails, phone numbers, education, experiences, skills, languages, and interests.

Kalent encourages a strategic shift in sourcing, promising efficiency and precision 🚀🌟.


Adaptation is key. As the landscape shifts, so too must our approaches to sourcing and recruitment, embracing change and leveraging it to discover new opportunities for connecting with top talent 🌟.

This is what effortless candidate sourcing
looks like in 2024

Meet Kalent, your new HR AI favorite tool helping you source the right candidates in no time.

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